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Campsite Hygiene in the light of COVID-19 – Churches, Community Groups and Band Camps

CRU has conducted a thorough investigation into the operation of our camps in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

At a time when there is concern and uncertainty in society there are great benefits to be gained from gathering communities together to build relationships and support. At the same time there are always risks involved in any large and close gathering.

CRU is therefore taking additional steps to provide the best possible protection for our guests in the light of COVD-19.

  1. First and foremost CRU is keeping abreast of the situation and regularly monitoring all official advice issued by Government authorities and taking action where appropriate.
  2. To this end CRU is insisting that any student, teacher, leader or CRU staff member must not attend camp if they fall into the following categories.
    1. those that are required to self-isolate along the guidelines issued by the health authorities
    2. anyone who is ill, particularly those with flu like or respiratory symptoms
  3. Reminders will be given at all camps, on a daily basis, about maintaining good hygiene standards including such matters as cough etiquette and regular correct handwashing
  4. Each CRU site will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the completion of each camp.
  5. Dining facilities are identified as being the key risk area. As a result, dining facilities including food service areas, tables, chairs will be cleaned and disinfected after each meal.
  6. Common areas and high touch surface areas will be disinfected daily.
  7. Groups will be encouraged to utilise outdoor fresh air gathering spaces as much as possible, including for morning and afternoon teas.
  8. Instructions regarding correct handwashing technique will be placed in common areas.
  9. Cabins
    1. All cabins will be cleaned and disinfected at the completion of each camp
    2. Pillows will be taken out of circulation; groups will be required to provide their own pillows
    3. Ensuites will have a thorough clean and disinfection at the completion of each camp. Review of camp operations and medical advice indicates that a more frequent cleaning of ensuites will have not add value in minimising the spread of COVID-19.
    4. Campers will only be allowed to use either the public bathrooms or their own ensuite bathrooms ie campers must not use ensuites attached to other cabins/rooms.
    5. Campers will be instructed not to enter bedrooms that are not their own.
  10. Activities
    1. Water-based activities – given the location of our Lake Mac site and the fact that our activities are run on a saltwater lake, canoes, sailing boats etc will not benefit from additional sanitisation other than that provided by the saltwater wash they get with each use.
    2. All activities – there will be provision for and a reminder of the need for hand-washing at the end of each activity.
    3. Helmets will be disinfected at the end of each camp.
    4. Bubblers have been decommissioned at each site.

We are thankful that our sites’ special locations, with large open spaces and loads of fresh air, provide great opportunities for campers to play and learn outside.

You can have confidence that we follow government legislation and guidelines in all aspects of our operations as we seek to provide the best possible care for every guest.

Gary Hill

Executive Director


March 12 2020