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God’s unstoppable work on Summit Camps

By Nathan McElveney
January 25, 2016

You helped reach 7,700 campers and train 19 future leaders!

Summits ministry has been greatly blessed! In 2015, you helped Summit run more camps than ever before, for more campers than ever before.

The most exciting number, though, is that 548 campers gave their lives to Jesus or asked for a Bible, devotional resource, or further information about Christianity. Indeed a massive 75% of campers left saying they understood more about God and grew in their faith during camp. Furthermore 47% said they would now like to attend a church, youth group or CRU lunchtime group to learn more. This is remarkable given the wide variety of secular and faith backgrounds of the children attending Summit Camps. Praise God!

Summit Camps aim to holistically develop young people physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually. In 2015, we focused on deepening our relationships with schools to create adaptive and relevant programs so that campers were more effectively reached with the Gospel and also to maximise educational outcomes. Some highlights included running camps for the first time for MLC and Eagle Arts Vocational College, plus additional programs for some schools with a long Summit partnership.

We’re so thankful to God for this past year and we pray that He will continue His amazing work through this ministry in 2016.

Your support transformed Emma from a shy girl to a bold young evangelist!

As well as ministering to campers, Summit invests in the lives of the next generation of Gospel workers through the ‘Ian Holt Memorial Fellowship’ training program. One recent ‘Fellow’, Emma Bennett, reflects:

“Summit has equipped me in so many ways to lead and share the Gospel. When I started I was a very different person. I was quiet and shy and found leading quite scary. However, through a variety of training sessions my leadership skills have developed significantly. I have now led on over 100 Summit Camps. One of the highlights from my time was helping a boy called Caleb comprehend God’s purpose for him for the first time! I was able to chat to him and pass on Bible verses to help him understand. His response was incredible – he said, “Thank you so much! My whole life I have wanted to know why God created me and you are the only person who has been able to answer!” I praise God for all the amazing conversations that camp enables us to have with kids!”

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