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God’s unstoppable work on CRU Camps

By Nick Hood
January 25, 2016

You helped over 3,600 CRU campers hear the Gospel

I praise God that in 2015, with your support, a record 3,675 campers experienced God’s love in action and heard the great news of Jesus on 74 residential CRU Holiday Camps and non-residential Day Camps!

As the number of children and youth attending churches in our society falls, I’m so thankful that over 2,000 campers who don’t attend church or regard themselves as Christians came on CRU Camps in 2015.

Praise God that 12% of these campers indicated they now trust Jesus or have recommitted their lives to Him, plus many more have committed to start attending churches, youth groups or CRU Groups in schools. Strategic new camps like Master Chef and QLD Mania were filled with first time campers, and the expanded Galston site allowed for further growth in study camps. I praise God for opportunities that new camps allowed for leaders to connect deeply with more kids, to listen, mentor, answer questions and show the impact of Jesus in their life.

Thank you so much for your support to enable these campers to hear the message of Jesus, the best news of all!

We are very excited about the future of CRU Camps. In 2016, we hope to see 4,000 CRU Campers on nearly 80 Holiday & Day Camps, including a new creative arts camp. We will remain focused on sharing Jesus and nurturing young Christians, and are looking to sharpen our focus on equipping volunteers for faithful and effective ministry on camps.

Nick Hood, CRU Camps Director



Eli Jones – CRU Camp leader and HSC Study Camp Director

Telling kids the Gospel and spending a week with them changes lives. I’ve seen so many kids on CRU Camps seriously consider the Christian worldview and, like me, invite Jesus into their heart.”



Open Doors for Day Camps!

We thank God that through CRU Day Camps, 289 infants and primary students came on week-long camps run in partnership with schools and churches during 2015. In addition, over 50 high school-aged assistant leaders led campers and grew in experience under the mentoring of senior leaders.

We’re excited to be running at least 11 CRU Day Camps over the coming year. We pray that over 500 kids will come and experience God’s love and that over 100 assistant leaders will be trained to serve! Please pray with us that new school and local church partnerships will allow more children to be part of these great programs.

To hold a CRU Day Camp at your school or church email Calum at to discuss this Gospel opportunity.

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