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God’s unstoppable work in Schools

By Peter Crawford
January 25, 2016

You helped students at 186 schools hear about Jesus

In 1930, Crusaders’ founder, Howard Guinness, said: “Our first target is the schools, the place in which to confront students with the living Christ before their attitudes harden and spiritual truths are rejected in the name of reason or expediency.

In an era of increasing pressure on school-based ministry, Crusaders provides key support for 186 schools, most of whom have Christian lunchtime CRU Groups meeting each week. Currently, there are no restrictions placed on these groups meeting in the Independent School sector, and we are taking full advantage of this to seize every opportunity for Gospel ministry.

We praise God for the opportunities our staff had to visit schools on almost 1,000 occasions in 2015. That’s more than five school visits every day of every school term! Each visit provides an opportunity to share a Bible talk with students and support teachers in their Christian witness at school.

Teachers and chaplains greatly appreciate having a CRU staff member come regularly to their school to support them in prayer, give talks and help them out. Kylie Zietsch from William Clarke College recently shared, “It is always a blessing to have Mark from CRU visit us. He encourages both the students and myself to draw closer to God. I really value his support.”


Recommitted to Jesus at CrossTrain

Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn Smith from Rouse Hill Anglican College (second from left)

“In 2015, I went on the CRU leadership camp ‘CrossTrain’ and recommitted my life to Jesus. This camp has been a huge factor in the growth and maturity of my faith and I am so thankful for it. After camp I started a Bible study at my school which has helped younger students grow in their faith.”

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