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About Summit Educational Camps

Summit provides an educationally excellent outdoor experience for your students. Unlike other school camp providers, Summit staff provide a hassle-free camp experience for teachers by running all camp activities – even meal times and night sessions – so that you can relax and get to know your students better.

Most importantly the Summit team prioritise the safety of students and create a holistic learning environment which encourages students to grow socially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Unrivalled Experience

Summit was established in 1988, as a division of The Crusader Union of Australia. For over 20 years Summit has delivered curriculum-based camping programs which use outdoor activities as platforms for experiential learning. Summit runs 90 camps each year for schools in NSW and the ACT.

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Hassle-Free Organisation

We understand that teachers are busy and the task of organising a school camp can be draining. This is why we do it all – supporting teachers through the pre-camp planning, running all camp activities and facilitating easy and effective camp follow-up. To make your job easier, our Summit Program Coordinator will provide you with all pre-camp administrative resources and forms, such as documentation, clothing and equipment lists, medical forms and a planning checklist. Plus, our experienced team of Outdoor Educators will design your entire camp program.

Curriculum-Based Camp Programs

We are committed to providing excellent, curriculum-based camp programs which meet the specific needs of your school. Our dedicated Curriculum Coordinator will help teachers determine the educational objectives of camp, transforming these into a creative camp program that utilises the learning platforms of temporary community and adventurous outdoor activities within a Christian context. The Curriculum Coordinator is also available to teachers after camp to help transfer the lessons of outdoor education back into the classroom. We also understand the importance of providing camping programs that build on previous experiences and allow for the sequential development of skills and knowledge. Please discuss sequencing with us when you make a camp booking.

Limited Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers on Summit Camps have the opportunity to relax and build relationships with students as Summit staff run all of the days activities, including wakeup, all meal times, all activities during the day and night, briefing and de-briefing to facilitate learning from the students’ experiences, and creative Christian presentations and discussion groups. Teachers are responsible for care and discipline during bed-time but Summit Staff stay on site and are available for back-up if needed.

Superior Standard of Care

Summit Educational Camps are recognised for the superior standard of care they offer to students, with a ratio of 1 leader for every 10 campers. Our approachable and qualified team are involved in the entire program, becoming part of the temporary camp community. All full time Summit staff members have First Aid qualifications and are trained under the Vocational Educational and Training (VET) program established for the Outdoor Recreation Industry.

All Summit staff have a personal faith in Jesus and seek to be excellent role models of Christian moral values and faith to your students.


Our flexible team are always on hand to answer questions and vary program components to suit the changing needs of your camp. This allows you to get on with the business of getting to know your students better.

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