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It can be hard to stand up for Jesus at school, which is why Crusaders provides a number of training opportunities for both primary and secondary students throughout the year. These special events and camps will help you to feel confident when you chat to your friends about Jesus and they will equip you for Christian leadership at your school.

High School Training

Crusaders runs a camp called ‘CrossTrain’ (formally JLC) which runs every year in September to equip students for Christian leadership.

For more information on these events or to register, click here.

Primary School Training

Crusaders runs special leadership training for primary students called FIT. At these training afternoons we encourage students in Years 5-6 to love Jesus through the example they set for their friends at school. Learn more about Primary School Training here.

Teacher Training

School teachers and chaplains are very busy people. Every second year we run a Training Conference to help teachers refocus their priorities and help them to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency in their ministry at school. Learn more about Teacher Training here.

As well as the special training events, Crusader staff are also available to run Christian leadership workshops in schools.