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CRU Groups

A CRU group is a place for students to explore Christianity and learn how to live out their faith at school.

Designed for both primary and secondary students, CRU Groups are places where students receive good Bible teaching, have the opportunity to pray and are encouraged in their walk with Jesus. It also provides a place of fellowship for Christians who do not go to church.

When a student chooses to set aside one lunchtime a week to go to CRU group, they show their friends that Jesus is important to them. What a great witness! Plus, CRU groups provide training to students so they can feel comfortable talking to their friends about God and why they choose to follow Him.

Crusaders have over 165 CRU Groups meeting in Independent schools across NSW and the ACT this year., with further connections with another 20 schools. CRU groups usually meet at lunchtime, but some groups meet before or after school. Check out a list of all the schools who have CRU groups with details on when these group meet here.

Need help with your CRU group?

That’s what Crusaders is here for! Contact us today about visiting your group or providing specially designed lunchtime group resources.