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Howard Guinness Leadership Trust


The Howard Guinness Leadership Trust aims to provide sustainable long term funding for Crusaders’ leadership development activities to anchor Crusaders’ unwavering vision to share Jesus with a new generation. It also aims to reduce the current annual reliance on operational fundraising for existing areas in order that more energy might be expended in new Kingdom growth projects.

The Trust will enable Crusaders to resource frontline camping and school ministries through attracting and retaining gifted leaders to underpin the long-term work of Crusaders’ ministries.

The objective is to have a minimum of $10 million invested by 2030 – Crusaders’ 100 year anniversary.

Key Components of the Trust

  • The Trust consists of sub funds for particular purposes. Three sub funds are in the initial Trust document and will remain for the life of the Trust. These are the:

Jim Kidd Strategic Leadership Fund – Primary ambit of this fund is to attract, retain, train and develop a suitable person to perform the role of Crusaders’ Executive Director. If there are surplus assets after meeting the primary ambit, funds may be allocated to attract, retain, train and develop senior ministry staff who report directly to Crusaders’ Executive Director.

Holt Summit Fellowship Fund – The assets of this fund will be used to develop Christian leaders through Summit Educational Camps which ministers to over 7,700 Aussie kids each year through its School based camping programs. These leaders are trained and equipped for a lifetime of ministry. We are delighted that a Foundation has generously pledged a $2.5m matching fund gift to this sub-fund meaning the contributions of other donors will be doubled!

Schools Ministry Fund – This fund will attract, retain, train and develop schools ministry staff and volunteer with a key focus on leadership development. These staff and volunteers serve as God’s hands and feet in reaching over 122,000 students each year with the Good News of Jesus at CRU Schools Ministry Events.

  • New sub funds in line with Trust purposes can also be created. Monies given to each sub-fund are used for the stated purpose of that fund.
  • 5-15% of the net asset value of the capital (averaged over 3 years) is to be used annually by Crusaders for the dedicated purposes of the Trust.
  • Yearly distributions can be supplemented by minor gifts (donations of less than $100K) after the minimum 5% distribution is deducted.
  • The Trustee (Crusaders) must delegate its investment powers to a suitably qualified investment committee.

Get Involved

Your partnership through the Howard Guinness Leadership Trust will facilitate the following outcomes

  • Provide critical support for Crusaders’ foundational goal of sharing Jesus with the next generation by creating sustainable funding mechanisms for visionary leaders.
  • Reduce the current reliance on yearly operational fundraising for ongoing projects and invest more energy into new Kingdom growth projects.
  • Shield Crusaders’ work from the economic downturns when donor support may be limited.
  • Make use of the generous $2.5 million matching fund for gifts to the ‘Holt Summit Fellowship’ Sub Fund.

The Trust is open to any Crusader supporter who wishes to support the purposes outlined in the Trust Deed. We particularly encourage donors to consider leaving a bequest to the sub fund of their choice.

To contribute to the Howard Guinness Leadership Trust, or for a copy of the trust deed, please contact Roslyn Harvey at Crusaders on (02) 9188 9717 or