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Should your church get involved in a CRU Day Camp?

By Linda Newman
April 3, 2017

CRU Break
CRU Break, a CRU Day Camp run in partnership with Harbour Church and Shellharbour Anglican College, ran during January and saw 25 kids in years K-6 from the Shellharbour community come and learn about God’s amazing promises over an action-packed week. We asked Rob Sharp, Pastor of Harbour Church, about his experience in partnering with CRU Day Camps to run CRU Break.

What advantage did you see to partnering with CRU Day Camps in running CRU Break?

There are too many to include here so I’ll highlight the most important ones.

Firstly, having the heavy lifting of administration done by the CRU Day Camps team meant Harbour Church could focus on the team and program preparation. The registration system provided was beyond our capability and meant our church could run a Day Camp.

Secondly, the CRU team members were quality, they were gold! Kat, our Director, was experienced and as passionate about the camp as we were. All three leaders (including two others) were engaged with the kids and parents and were experienced with activities and Christian Discovery. In combination with our own adult leaders, the training our young leaders received was one of the highlights of CRU Break for me.

Thirdly, the resources provided by CRU took the Day Camp to the next level. Certainly beyond what our church could provide (without it costing us a fortune). It was the big things like the GIANT jumping castle through to the little things including pre-prepared discussion booklets and pencil cases for discussion groups.

These are just three of many advantages in our partnership with the CRU Day Camps team. We are so thankful to God for them.

Have you seen any of the kids from camp at church and youth events since camp?

Our camp was run during the summer holidays so regular activities hadn’t started up yet. We’re praying we’ll see them at Crusaders lunch groups and Harbour Church ministries. However, we ran a youth bowling night a week after CRU Break and one of the Year 6 boys and his mum came along. I got to chat with him about getting his own Bible. He was so super keen. We looked at a Christian book website right there in the bowling alley. A number of Harbour Church members had long chats with his mum about church and encouraged them to join our community. It was great.

Why should another church or school consider partnering with CRU Day Camps?

CRU Break was a great opportunity for us to partner not only CRU Day Camps but also with the Shellharbour Anglican College, which is where our church meets. This partnership meant the Day Camp was attended by many kids in the Junior school CRU lunch groups and young leaders were recruited from the Senior School group. It’s such a great way to partner with the exciting CRU lunch group ministry.

From a church perspective, as I’ve mentioned above, the shared work load can take the idea of running a Day Camp from a dream to a reality due to the support provided. It enabled us to run a high-quality Day Camp that proclaimed the gospel to kids, trained up young leaders for future ministry and connected us with a large number of non-Church families. Over summer at Harbour Church we run a summer mission. The Day Camp became a key element of our mission and involved a large number of our members in a variety of ways, which was great.

The benefits of the partnership between CRU Day Camps, Shellharbour Anglican College and Harbour Church were numerous and I suspect we will continue to see more in the future.


If your church or school is interested in partnering with CRU Day Camps to reach your local community, please contact Calum at

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