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Crusader Benevolent Services (CBS)



Crusader Benevolent Services provides relief to children who are vulnerable and in need due to the effects of poverty, sickness, distress, misfortune, disability, destitution or helplessness. This will include victims of recent bushfires and house loss. Our programs especially seek to assist and support vulnerable children by helping them to overcome the causes and factors contributing to their vulnerability through the provision of education, mentoring and emotional support services and the development of vital life skills.


Crusader Benevolent Services provides programs and camps that are designed to help vulnerable or disadvantaged children:

  • overcome pressures in their lives (e.g. coping with a terminally ill sibling or recent loss of a parent)
  • reflect on their circumstances and causes of their personal problems
  • experience the love and care of positive young, adult, Christian role models (their leaders), who mentor them during the course of the programs
  • grow in their confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and resilience
  • tackle new challenges as they experience a range of activities promoting how to overcome obstacles and boost resilience
  • learn lessons which help put their circumstances in perspective and equip them to triumph over adversity
  • Recognise the love of God

In addition Crusader Benevolent Services provides respite and support to carers (especially foster parents). Adult carers are given support through relationship training and network building.

If you require our benevolent relief services and need financial support to attend camp please contact us at:, or call our friendly staff team on (02) 9188 9723.